Sunday, April 1, 2012

Best April Fools Tweets

Looking for some of the best April Fools jokes and pranks? People have been sharing them all day on Twitter. Here are a few funny April Fools days tweets that caught my eye (some are dumb and others are way over the top):
  • I texted my ex earlier saying I wanted him back. Than when he responded I was like April Fools 
  • Always thought this was a good day to surprisingly profess your love for someone. If it fails, pass it off as an April Fools joke.
  • Hit up the person who always texts you...tell them you want them to come over right now/ they ask for an address/ 123 April fools lane.
  • April Fools Day is the perfect day to say everything horrible you've wanted to say to people and then pretend it's a joke.
  • ho needs april fools day when your entire life is a joke
  • I think the Mets really have a bright season ahead of them....AprilFools!
  • The cops are cracking up over my April Fools' murders. The jokes on them though, I killed those hobos last week!
  • My excuse for all the homework I didn't do - "oh I thought it was anApril Fools Joke"
  • What if April Fools day doesn't exist and its been the longest prank in History?
  • 24 years ago I was the worse April Fools joke to my mother. Gotcha bc the joke never ends
  • My friend from high school killed himself in prison this week. AprilFools lol it happened back in August!!!
  • Lmfao my moms friend was in labor today but no one went cuz itsApril fools and everyone didn't take her serious. How sad Still funny tho 
  • Your fish died last night. APRIL FOOLS! But seriously your fish died.
  • I played an April Fools joke on my insides today. Ice Cream for dinner and Pizza for dessert.
  • April fools day is for fools and tools without the proper cool

BTW, I love how one of the hash tags on Twitter is "#yourdumb". Really?

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