Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Bobby Petrino Tweets

I think this Bobby Petrino crash turned affair story is just too ridiculousness and perfectly fitting that it happened to an SEC team. And the story just keeps getting better and better and the Tweets and comments keep getting cruder and cruder. 

Quick run down: coach crashes motorcycle, lies to superiors about it, police report with true facts come out revealing 25 year old female also on bike, female turns out to have been hired by coach a week earlier (100k gig, wonder what the interview was like?), female discovered to be engaged to another coach. Coach Petrino admits to having a "previous affair" previous as in right up to the crash. Coach placed on leave, now police officer in question due to relationship to football team. 

Here are some of the best tweets about this crazy story:

  • Bobby Petrino cheats on his wife, gets suspended. Rick Pitino cheats on his wife, gets a raise. Shoulda stayed in Louisville, Bobby.
  • Razorbacks suspend Bobby Petrino after finding out he had a piglet on board his hog.
  • People in Arkansas seem shocked as they watch the Bobby Petrinoscandal unfold on TV. I'm shocked too - that people in Arkansas have TVs.
  • More is being learned about the 25 year old with Bobby Petrino. She could have gone 1st class, but for some reason preferred to ride Coach.
  • Petrino can't play defense but he can definitely score!!
  • So I take it Patrino hired her for her experience and intelligence. Did anyone else 'interview' for the job?
  • She's a volleyball player - must have taken her knee pads to the interview.
  • "The wife will get half his stuff, so I think she should coach half the games."
  • My family? My dick? My employer? My dick? Aw, who am I kidding here? I'm gonna go with my dick on this one.
  • I just can't believe petrino would lie or cover something up. This is unprecedented.
  • viagra warns against operating motor vehicles under the its influence
  • What I learned from Tiger Woods and Bobby Petrino: if you cheat on your wife, don't have a vehicular accident
  • So was it the wreck or his wife that made him look like that?
  • If Petrino is fired, hope Arkansas' AD leaves the explanation in a note on a locker room chair        @
  • I'm suprised, they being from Arkansas, that the two weren't related. She must not be good enough for her own family!
  • Pitino...Paterno...and now Petrino... coaches involved in scandals. Any coincidence?
  • Arkansas has a football team?

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