Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best Final Four Tweets

Listed below are some of my favorite tweets from the NCAA men's basketball Final Four:

  • It's his way of saying "I care, Cleveland!" RT : Now let's go O-H-I-O!! Your turn
  • I am watching the final four. Why do the players all look about 50? 
  • Jayhawks might be predatory birds, but Ohio State has giant nuts. O-H!
  • Kentucky now has 110 NCAA Tournament wins, the most of any school.
  • Anthony Davis' unibrow is worth so much money. Is there a unibrow emoticon, 
  • I've had couches I wanted to burn, but lacked a) a replacement couch and b) a team playing for an NCAA title.
  • The NCAA tournament would be 1000x better if Gus Johnson announced most of it
  • Too perfect... Kentucky will play for NCAA title on a court painted the color of money. 
  • But the real question is who chose hombre green to paint the court?! I know the NCAA is run by men, but come on. 
  • Fun facts from NCAA tournament-related tweets since the tournament began: 4,812,730; today 723,514. 
  • Only reason anyone is paying attention to NCAA Women this March is because of the one player we all suspect is a man.
  • I wish NCAA tournament commercials were as good as the superbowl commercials. I don't want their reruns, I want new things to laugh at.
  • Dear NCAA, I know it's about making money, but could we please not be forced into a commercial break every other minute?

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