Sunday, May 23, 2010

+1 for Holiday World, Again

A few days after posting this awesome video, Holiday World gets another +1 from me for outstanding customer service. I won a pair of tickets to the park through a radio station in Illinois (after entering a thousand contests). The tickets arrived in my mail box on Thursday and to my extreme disappointment I find out they are only good through the month of May! Well, it's already too late to plan a trip to Santa Claus for that weekend, I already have plans for Memorial weekend. Well, I decided to try and do something about it as the worst they could say is no.

First, I emailed the radio station which I won the tickets through. Sorry, can't do anything about it. Alright. Next, I emailed the park directly. I got this reply:

Congratulations on winning your tickets! Please send me your two tickets along with a copy of this email to the address listed below and I will send you a pair of tickets good through June 30th.

Thank you! That is awesome. All I had to do was ask nicely. Holiday World has the best customer service of any amusement park that I've ever dealt with. I emailed another, much larger and well known parka question on the same day (Friday) and I STILL haven't gotten a reply from them. Another +1 for Holiday World!

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