Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Evidence Free Soda Coming to a major amusement park chain?

I take part in a survey panel at Opinion Outpost where I get compensated to take online surveys about a wide variety of topics including: soda, cars, cell phones, movies, video games, etc. Recently, I took a survey that might be of interest to you. The survey was about amusement parks. It began by asking how often I visit amusement parks, how far I would travel to visit one, how much are you willing to spend on a trip to an amusement park, how many hours do you typically stay, do you eat inside the park, etc.

The last section of the survey is what really caught my eye. Similar to a cell phone survey where they list different plans and pricing options, they listed several gate/food/drink/parking options and asked which one I liked the best. If I remember correctly it was something along the lines of this (this is a bad example because I don't remember the specific numbers they used but you get the basic idea they were going for):

Option 1
Gate: $40
Food: $5
Soda: $3.50
Parking: $10.00

Option 2
Gate: $50
Food: $5
Soda: $3.50
Parking: Included

Option 3
Gate: $60
Food: $4
Soda: FREE!
Parking: FREE!

What I infer from this is that a major amusement park company may be asking potential customers about a free drink program! The survey didn't mention any company names (and asked that I not even talk to anyone about the contents of the survey) but I have to assume it is one of the big players such as Six Flags or Cedar Fair trying to get a feel for the impact this would have on their business.


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