Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Look Forward to Anything

My luck has been extremely horrible this year, all starting with our office being closed. I just can’t seem to catch a break. I mean, I guess my year hasn’t been horrible, it’s just that there have been so many good things within my grasp it is frustrating when literally none of them have panned out.

For instance, this whole episode with the Shoot the Rapids media preview day. I emailed Cedar Point HR asking if I could cover the event for I never got a reply so I figured they weren’t having one or I wasn’t invited. Whatever. But then, this past Friday in my mail box I get an invitation for the even t next Friday. What a wonderful surprise! And the timing was perfect, I was able to attend, it was on the way back to Michigan, it was meant to be! WRONG! You forgot how this year is going. The event was postponed to Saturday, May 29th, and I’ll be in Michigan. Ouch. There goes my energy and enthusiasm this week. It’s one thing to assume, ok they aren’t having an event or I’m not invited, that’s fine. But to get me on such a high that I actually got invited to this exclusive event and am exciting about attending only to take it all away? That’s cold man. I had already put a lot of thought into this in a few short days: planned all the camera gear I was going to bring, filled out a PTO request for work, wrote up a little description to put on Coaster101 forum about tweeting live from the event. All for nothing.

Not to mention I was looking forward to a four day work week. What a shitty way to start the week. I would’ve only had to take a half-day off too, another reason why it would’ve been so perfect. This was going to be Coaster101’s first official media day coverage too. Sorry to let you down guys.

Sigh. I know these things happen (should havve expected it to after delays with Maverick and such) and they need to be 100% everything is worked out and functioning correctly before they can safely open the ride. But don't mail out the invitations until you are 100% sure the date you put on them is the correct one.

Also, it’s not that I’m extremely disappointed I don’t get to ride Shoot the Rapids. It’s a water ride with two drops for crying out loud, it’s not that exciting. I’m more disappointed that I won’t get to network and meet some really cool and important figures in the amusement industry, like Dick Kinzel (CEO Cedar Fair) and Sandor Kernacs (President of IntaRide). Maybe I would’ve made some enthusiast friends too. But now I will never know.

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