Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best Breaking Bad Finale Tweets

Breaking Bad, the best show on television, has sadly come to an end. Here are some of the best Tweets, Facebook comments, and memes about the Breaking Bad series finale. (Spoiler alerts obviously).

  •  Not sure I should've let my son stay up for the Breaking Bad finale. He's loved the show so much, but he has kindergarten in the morning.
  •  I’m thinking about finally watching Breaking Bad. Is tonight a good night to start? Did I miss much?
  • Friend 1: SPOILER ALERT: Walt turns himself in and has to do 100 hours of community service with the DARE program. So lame. 
  • Friend 2 Reply: Even that ending would have been better than the dexter finale
  • "Watching Breaking Bad finale is like saying goodbye to an old friend. A meth dealing, murdering, psycho old friend, but old friend anyway."
  • Breaking Bad spoiler: TOO MANY COMMERCIALS
  • I found someone who wasn't totally satisfied with the Breaking Bad finale.
  •  Breaking Bad” was basically about what happens if you underpay your teachers and don’t allow healthcare reform.
  • Granted that was the first Breaking Bad episode I've ever seen but I didn't think it was that funny
  • I would start smoking crystal meth for another season of Breaking Bad
  • The biggest thing left unanswered on Breaking Bad is why Jimmy Kimmel on Talking Bad
  • Breaking Bad Spoiler: If you're not caught up on Breaking Bad it's your own fault if someone spoils it for you
  • Skylar gets lung cancer from so much smoking, starts cooking meth. Breaking Bad 2: Skysenberg
  •  We didn't see a doctor check Walt's pulse, look at someone in the room and shake his head no. GREAT, ANOTHER AMBIGUOUS ENDING.
  • I can't believe Breaking Bad ends with a big choreographed dance number featuring the whole cast I did not see that coming.
  • The finale of did what couldn't do, ie. have an ending that wasn't absolutely retarded involving loggers.
  • Walt didn't leave any money to Holly because she'd just put it in her mouth. She's a baby
  • It was all a cautionary tale about artificial sweeteners

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