Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best Tweets: Kim Jon II is Dead

Warning: Twitter is about to blow up with the news of longtime North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's death, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. I'm not saying or not saying that anyone should celebrate another human's death, but here are some of the best tweets I've read thus far (and there are a few facts mixed in with the jokes so you might actually learn somethinh [how many Americans were like "whose Jim Long Jo?"]):

  • Can someone go tell the people on Facebook Kim Jong-Il died?
  • Dang. There are going to be so many zombie Kim Jong Il costumes next Halloween.
  • RT : So, if I'm following Twitter correctly, Daniel Bryan defeated Kim Jong Il to become World Heavyweight Champion?
  • Kim Jong is dead. I knew he was Il.
  • The power of Tebow. RT : Bad year for monsters: Osama, Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il. So, not a bad year.
  • R.I.P. to the greatest golfer the world has ever known, Kim Jong-IL, who, in his first time playing golf, had 11 holes-in-one.
  • Kim Jong-il is dead. I'd make jokes, if not for the fact that he had an insane, evil son who's gonna be in charge now.
  • Asian markets reacting negatively to news that Kim Jong Il died. Long-term opportunity but near-term instability.
  • With all due respect to Team America, today wd be a good time to remember: Kim Jong Il was not a joke to the people of N Korea
  • Breaking News: It has been confirmed that Kim Jong-il's last words were MATT DAMON
  • I'll immediately forget where I was when I found out Kim Jong-Il died
  • I can't wait to see South Park's new episode of where Saddam, bin Laden, and Satan welcome Kim Jong-il. You know it's going to happen.
  • So I guess Kim Jong-Il was just holding out to see one more Colts win.
  • 2011 is a bad year to be a dictator. Another one bites the dust as North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is pronounced dead.
  • Kim Jong Il dies. People in the streets of North Korea heard yelling "We want Gruden! We want Gruden!"
  • I'd like to point out that if we're now hearing that Kim Jong-Il is dead, it means he's probably been dead for close to a year.
  • Rick Perry & Michele Bachmann SCRAMBLING to find out who Kim Jong Il was.
  • Kim Jong Il got so mad about the Packers losing to the Chiefs that he died.
  • Kim Jong Il's last words: "I never would have vetoed that Chris Paul trade"
  • North Korean state TV now reporting that Kim Jong Il actually invented the heart attack
  • Kim Jong-il travelled by train because he was terrified of flying. He died on Dec. 17 while riding a train.
  • The UN needs to remember to throw all of Kim Jong Il's jewelry into a volcano.

And here's mine: How long before a Kim Jong II in Hell Twitter account is opened? Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Add your best Kim Jong II tweets and jokes below!

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