Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheaper than a Honda Snow Blower

A coworker recently shared this with me after a conversation we had about shoveling snow, since it's unfortunately about that time of year. He mentioned that he has a giant snow scoop and how he can clear his driveway about as fast as his neighbors who have snow blowers. Here is a link to it and where he got it. You can ship to a store.

Where this really shines is moving the heavy icy stuff at the bottom of the driveway where the plow has gone by. Snow blowers usually can't move this very well or at all. It takes about 6-10 full scoops (depending on depth) to clear this from my 2 car wide driveway. Conventional shovels would be like 20-40+ depending on the depth and weight. With this, the weight of the snow is no issue, since you never have to lift the snow to dump it somewhere. You just scoop, slide, and dump. This thing is almost NO strain on your back (depends how you dump it). It is as fast as a snow blower and a lot cheaper.

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