Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Browns and Buckeyes Tweets

The Factory of Sadness lives on! Here are some of the best tweets about the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State's terrible losses this past weekend. As a bonus there are some fun stats too!

  • My son just came in, gave me a sad look that said "Why did you raise me to be a Browns fan, Dad? Why?" @BarryMcBride
  • @LeCharlesBent65 only Browns can have a Pro Bowl center kick a Pro Bowler long snapper's snap to lose the game. @FlyHighJason
  • @
    The Browns have to be 90% of the reason the city is ranked #1 for the most miserable cities in the US.... this isn't fair
  • Jay Crawford
    maybe urban can coach browns and buckeyes at the same time.
  • buckeyes, browns, kicking practice tomorrow at noon.
  • The 1946 Cleveland Browns were named after Paul Brown. The 1999 Cleveland Browns were named after Charlie Brown.
  • The Browns will never get enough credit for teaching an entire generation of Cleveland youth to count by 3s. Education first people.
  • dear td gods. can you remind the browns where the endzone is. it's like watching someone hit a pinata. thanks
  • Browns allergic to touchdowns, they only kick field goals
  • The joy of being a buckeye fan: seasons like this are misery The misery of being a browns fan: seasons like this are normal.
  • Phil Dawson is the greatest Browns offensive player since Jim Brown
  • Dear Soccer Fans: If football fans tell you that your sport is boring, just reply: "Oh, yeah? Then explain the Cleveland Browns."
  • In the last 6 games, Dawson has 31 points, rest of Browns team has 30 points
  • Adding it up, Ohio State had made 130 consecutive extra points before yesterday.

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