Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best OSU versus Michigan Tweets

Here are the best tweets about the Ohio State - Michigan game.

  • BREAKING: Michigan helmets have front to back stripes so the players know not to put them on sideways.
  • Its been 2925 days since michigan beat Ohio State in Football.
  • Q: Why did change their field from grass to artificial turf? A: To keep cheerleaders from grazing at half time!
  • BREAKING: Currently trending in Michigan:
  • BREAKING: So Michigan fans can read it, Ohio State's marching band will perform 'Print Ohio' instead of 'Script Ohio.'
  • Michigan stadium officials would like to remind the Wolverine fans that pants and shoes are mandatory.
  • You'll see empty seats in the Michigan stadium today. The "Bring Your University of Michigan Diploma, Get In Free" promo failed.
  • Michigan still has a varsity football team? I didn't realize...just thought they were that JV squad OSU scrimmaged before Bowl Games.
  • My favorite part of AD Dave Brandon's letter to Michigan students in light of this weekend's game: "Use bathrooms, not bushes."
  • If Michigan does beat Ohio State, they will run out in the streets and flip over the already overturned, burnt out, husks of cars.
  • Ohio state vs. Michigan... Should I be loyal to my birth state or my husband?!? ;)
  • I think the Buckeyes' chances for vixtory decrease with each Braxton Miller pass.
  • It took Denard Robinson three years to score a TD against Ohio State. It took Braxton Miller about three minutes to score against Michigan.
  • Sheesh All this traffic in Ann arbor today, seems like 110,000 people are all going somewhere
  • We are roughly on pace for Ohio State to finish with 125 penalty yards and Michigan with -17.
  • It's OK Ohio State. I'm sure you get an invite to the Village Inn Bowl.
  • Michigan football fans have never had a chance to post on facebook about a football victory against Ohio State!
  • Why is Ohio State throwing to its tight ends? What is this sorcery?
  • I'm pretty sure Urban asked ESPN for the day off so he could call plays for Ohio State from his couch.
  • Ohio State isn't quitting. They're one or two free tattoos away from a tie here.
  • Q:Why is ice no longer available at Michigan football games? A:Because the senior who knew the recipe finally graduated
  • Ohio State needs a miracle. And by miracle, I mean "their defense gets replaced by armed, angry brazilian soccer fans"
  • Michigan and Ohio State defense should both be allowed to play with extra men.

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