Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Black Friday Tweets!

You know it was coming. Here are my favorite black friday tweets that I saw. Please comment any others. I'd love to read them. Be careful, it's anarchy out there!

  • Black Friday was so insane last night. There was a lady driving out of the Walmart parking lot with her van door open.. LOL.
  • So far, Portland's Black Friday protests are far more peaceful than Black Friday WalMart. Zero pepper spray!
  • We just tasered a shopper at WalMart:
  • no need to ask "where the hoes at tonight?" they at Walmart for .
  • How many people have to die or be injured in a scuffle over cheap goods at Walmart before we'll take a good look at ourselves?
  • The blood-stained parking lot of a Walmart store in San Leandro, Calif. where a man was stabbed today - via
  • I find it funny that u give thanks & act on thanksgiving & the next day u choking a man at Walmart for a 40 inch TV
  • Those people fighting over the $2 waffle makers at Walmart -- how many times do you think they're actually going to make waffles?
  • RT : A day to rush out & buy new stuff the day after you said you were so grateful for what you had.
  • I have to call my mom every half hour to make sure she's still alive because she went shopping today..
Check back for more updates later...

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