Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best "Exotic Animals Escape in Ohio" Tweets

  • "There is a monkey at large, I repeat a monkey at large" -Jack Hanna
  • Jack Hanna suspects the tiger ate the monkey.
  • BREAKING: Jack Hanna was sent in to recover the escaped animals. He brought an albino Burmese python in case anyone wants an interview.
  • Jack Hanna: It's like Noah's ark crashed on the Muskingum River.
  • "This is like Noah's ark wrecking in ." — Jack Hanna "If you see the animals, don't run."
  • Seriously, everyone calm down, Jack Hanna is on the case.
  • I just saw on the news Brad Pitt is in Ohio. I guess he let a bunch of animals loose 12 Monkey stye here.
  • Stop me if I'm wrong, but isn't it just as easy to shoot animals with a dart as it is to shoot them with a bullet?
  • Well someone wanted to play Jumanji in Ohio.
  • on the run in Zanesville. This will make interesting.
  • Word out of Zanesville is that these animals have been loose for weeks, but Jim Tressel didn't tell anyone about it.

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