Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best College Football Tweets for Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's another college football Saturday on this beautiful fall day in October. Here are some of the best college football related Tweets for today's games:

  • Imagine if aliens came to Earth and said we'd be spared if only Denard Robinson & Joe Bauserman could complete 8 passes.
  • Denard Robinson pros: is next stage in human evolution, ridic fast, agile. Cons: as new species, has webbed hands.
  • TD passes in 2011 vs. MSU defense - Denard Robinson 0, Joe Bauserman 1.
  • Devin Gardner just took off running on 4th and 21. ... He ran for about 35 yards. Unfortunately, sideways and backwards. Ends with sack.
  • Call me petty but I'm a bit peeved Boom Herron already has 4 Buckeye leaves.what?1 for each free tattoo?1 for each win it'll cost by end?
  • Ron Zook, playing Connect Four, drops a handful of pocket change in the board and screams "YAHTZEE!"
  • "What's the score?" - Ron Zook
Updated throughout the day.

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