Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OMG Paul Rudd!

One of my Facebook "friends" from high school lives in LA and " 'bout one turn o' yer houglass ago" scrawled this on her wall:

So, uh.. Paul Rudd likes me... *scream!!* Be still my heart. And Bill Hader is still as sweet as ever. *sigh*
...Haha!! They came over to say bye and Paul.. Hmmmm... never mind. :P

Hilarious comments ensued:
  • OMG jealous I love Paul Rudd
  • name dropper! I hate you!
  • No! No! Finish the story!!!! Did he leave you his number or something????
  • P.S. Was this at work?
  • Did he say "I love you man?"
  • Did he call you Joban

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