Monday, June 13, 2011

Best LeBron Tweets

  • morning y'all. happy everyone hates lebron james day!
  • LeBron is right. I woke up this morning with the love of my life, my dream job and not wearing pants. It was awesome.
  • LeBron ur right, I woke up today poor black man w/ambitions and u woke up an overpaid loser..
  • LeBron said we was gonna have the same problems when we woke up, he does too..... He still doesn't have a ring.... Lol
  • I asked LeBron for a dollar, he gave me 75 cents back. He doesn’t have a fourth quarter.
  • This just in: LeBron James did not finish college! Yeah, apparently, he didn't show up for the finals. (Ba-Da-Bing!) Share liberally.
  • My baby daughter just took a "LeBron Fourth Quarter" in her diaper.
  • SUPER 8: A monster destroys the lives of Ohioans who hope its defeat will bring them joy...which is why I thought it was about LeBron.
  • Today is LeBron James Day, everyone gets to go home 12 minutes early.
  • Heard this one yet? 'Apple introducing new I-phone today. Called The LeBron. No rings, it just vibrates.'
  • Sometimes people will get married to get citizenship. I'm thinking LeBron should get married so he can get a ring.
  • I need LeBron James to come teach me Jiu-Jitsu, I need some expert advice on chokes!
  • J.A. Adande, "This is the year LeBron James separated himself from the all-time greats … and not in a good way."
  • I hope to someday will myself to succeed as effectively as I willed LeBron James to fail
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