Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Need Assistance with My Three Books in Development

My wife says I always have too many projects going on at once and she's right. A little while ago I posted about how I wanted to publish a book but I needed an idea. Well, I recently came up with an idea- actually, I now have three ideas and am working on all three simultaneously. I can't decide which one is the front-runner to get published on Amazon Kindle first. Here are the concepts and the issues with each one:

1. A book about roller coaster design is my best defined book but also will require the most amount of research and information.
2. A comedy using inspirations from my own and other experiences about an engineer in China is the most exciting book I am working on but lacks an overall plot to pull the while thing together. I need to figure out what the point is other than a collection of funny occurrences.
3. The third book is the adoption story of our dog Conan. I got this idea after his story was viewed 15,000 times in the first day after winning the Freekibble contest. This story is the shortest and needs the most work to make it exciting but I know there is an audience for this type of book. We also already have a cover design finalized.

I'm going to need some help with these so if you have or know anyone who would be willing to design a cover, read and edit the story, or offer me any other advice about self publishing I would be most grateful. I will also strongly consider finical reimbursement for any help or suggestions.

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