Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kindle Direct Publishing

From what I've read online it looks to be extremely easy to publish a book or short story on Amazon's Kindle through the Kindle Direct Publishing feature. I have to do this! One of my goals for life is to write or publish a book. Publishing a physical book may still be difficult but with Kindle it looks easier than ever to get written works out to the public. The biggest challenge now is what do I write about? I need an idea!

I used to write novels and short stories all the time. The problem is most of my ideas were rip-offs of well-known books (such as Jurassic Park). I used to have ideas all the time but I never finished any of them. It's really hard to think of an idea when you're actually trying. All I can think of is needing to think of an idea. I guess I just need to day dream a little. Unless, of course, you have a suggestion to offer?!?!

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