Monday, May 10, 2010

Airport Secruity

(Two quality posts in one day? That hasn’t happened in quite some time has it?)

Here’s a story to reassure Americans about our airport security. A weeks ago I traveled from Ohio to Alabama for work. We flew out of Akron/Canton airport, which has 11 gates, the smallest airport I have ever flown out of before. Security there required us to remove all of our liquids and place in the a clear plastic bag (1 quart in size I believe). They were so thorough that they confiscated my traveling partner’s shaving gel because it was too big. Very good to see.

A few days later, we’re at Huntsville Airport flying to return home. That whole plastic bag rule? Nope. They didn’t care. Huntsville is a larger airport than Akron/Canton too, with 12 gates (seemed like more) and felt more up-to-date and busy. What’s up with that? Way to be consistent TSA!

At first, I didn’t want to post this but I figured there is an equal opportunity for a future terrorist to read this as there is for someone from the TSA to get this thing fixed. Or maybe, hopefully, it was just that one shift. Anyone else seen anything like this?

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