Monday, February 8, 2010

Book and Movie Reviews from last month

I just finished the Imperial Cruise by James Bradley. It was alright. Not what I was expecting. It almost makes you feel embarrassed to be an American. Did you know that on a per month basis Americans killed more Philippians than Hitler’s Holocaust? Scary stuff and no one wonder some of these countries hate us.

I also screen the HURT LOCKER and THE INVENTION OF LYING. HURT LOCKER was good, one of the most suspenseful and tense movies I’ve ever seen. My extremely high opinion of the movie dropped off a little when I read some reviews by soldiers who fought in Iraq. Apparently the movie is extremely inaccurate, which is sad but again, it’s a movie so you have to kind of expect that.

THE INTVENTION OF LYING was ok. A few humorous spots but nothing really hilarious, which is sad considering the number of funny actors splattered throughout. It ended up going in a different direction than I thought it would. I would recommend seeing it once if you don’t have anything to do but that’s enough.

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Californex said...

I liked The Invention of Lies too, it was a funny movie. Ricky Garvis is a great comedy actor.