Sunday, January 31, 2010

NASA Needs My Help

I recently created a CAD Systems Help blog where I post tips and tricks I've learned using different CAD software. The other day, someone found my blog by searching for "changing units in pro engineer wildfire 3." Normally, such a search is exactly the kind of search I would expect someone to use to find my site. That is, until I saw where this person was from and who they worked for: Huntsville, Alabama at the National Aeronautics and Space Association. Yep, NASA! Why do I think this is a big deal? Because it deals with unit conversion. You may remember when a $125 million U.S. space probe, The Mars Explorer, was set to orbit the planet Mars and study the chemical properties of the Martian atmosphere when it flew too close to the planet due to an error in the thrust calculations and burnt up. The calculation was wrong because they didn't convert units from Imperial to Metric. So now, with my help, maybe they won't screw up and successfully convert the units.


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