Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Lego Airport Shuttle Monorail #6399.

When I was a young lad, the Lego Airport Shuttle Monorail was a Lego set I desperately wanted to have. I remember gazing at the ad for it in the Lego wish list magazine we used to get every year. I never got the monorail. I think my parents deemed it too expensive, which at the time I believe was selling for $140. Today, I decided to look through the Lego sets on to see what they had. I sorted the selection by price from high to low. On the first page guess what model popped up? Yup, you guessed it, Vintage Lego Airport Shuttle Monorail #6399. And the asking price? $1,485.99! Can you believe that? I couldn’t.

Well, I decided to look through the pages and find some of mine and my sibling’s old sets and see if their prices had skyrocketed as well. I found six sets that I know we owned for sure. The total sum of those sets listed is over $1000! The average selling cost of each set is $170, which I am sure at least twice of what we originally paid for them. But would ours be worth that much in reality? Probably not. For one, all of the pieces are now mixed together in one large box. On top of that we probably don t have the boxes the sets came in and I can only hope that we kept the instructions. I think the main purpose of keeping them in the first place is for future grand kids.

Lego Wild West Gold City Junction 6765 $199.99
Lego System Aerial Acrobats Set 6345 $199.89
Lego Wild West Western Rapid River Village Teepee / Canoe 6763 $199.00
Lego Western #6761 Bandit's Gold Mine Secret Hideout $159.49
LEGO Legend 10036 Breezeway Cafe (Reissue of Town 6376) $129.90
Lego Sheriff's Lock-Up 6764 $115.50

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