Friday, March 20, 2009

Boiling Over

There are millions of HARD WORKING Americans out of work right now. That is why I am absolutely pissed at someone at my work, because they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and earns a decent wage with no reprimands. I sit behind him so I can see everything he does. One day I decided to quantify how much work he doesn't do. In the four plus hours I watched him he did 18 minutes of "work" (7%) and I don't know if you can call looking at a Power Point work. He took an hour and half for lunch, at least that is what I thought until he walked back in the door holding a lunch he had picked up at the cafe downstairs and preceded to waste more time by eating it at his desk! So freaking ridiculous! It boils my blood. I'm going to make a pie chart, I'll post a picture when I do. And I know what you're thinking, that I am wasting time by observing him. Not true, I can work and watch at the same time, besides the fact I've done more work in a day than he has the entire time I have been here. He should give his pay to someone more deserving. End of rant for now.

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