Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best PuppyBowl Tweets

best puppybowl tweets
Below are the best Puppybowl Tweets I saw today. I'm probably not going to be able to do one of these for the Superbowl so I thought I would do it for the other big "game" today.

  • What's this other game happening the same day as the
  • The Chinese version of the Puppy Bowl
  • I will force my dogs to watch Puppy Bowl while shaming them for not being better athletes when they were puppies.
  • Everyone loves the puppy bowl now but crucified Vick when he was training for it, hypocrites 
  • So. Best part of ? Turtleman and the crew from
  • Just got word that the Oakland Raider scout team was at the Puppy Bowl looking for cornerbacks. 
  • u ever see the same puppy from the previous year? no! cuz they all get injured and "too old" this sport chews u up & spits u out 
  • After 2 minutes of Puppy Bowl IX, my wife said, "this is ridiculous." She went back to watching "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" 
  • Guys, I heard one of these puppies stabbed another puppy after the Puppy Bowl a few years ago. 
  • Ok, the puppy bowl won me over with the hedgehog cheerleaders and hamster blimp crew. 
  • two puppies from this year's puppy bowl admit to doping on Beggin' Strips. So sad.
  • Most people don't know this but the losing team in Puppybowl are put down.  
  • Watching the Puppy Bowl made me realize that Animal Planet's brand is basically "cute YouTube videos, but on cable." 
The Chinese version of a puppy bowl
I hope you enjoyed reading some of these best Puppybowl Tweets.

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