Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best Apartment Hunting Guide

Are you looking for an apartment hunting organizer?

I’ve self published my fourth book, called the ULTIMATE Apartment Search Guide, in junction with the new niche profit website I launched, The purpose of the web site is to push sales of my Apartment Search Spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet is a rating comparison tool to help users choose which apartment is the perfect fit for their individual needs. Using scroll bars to weigh different factors, a bubble chart updates automatically displaying the project cost of living in each apartment versus their given score based on the users input data. The pdf file included with the spreadsheet download contains some very useful tips for apartment hunting. Download the Apartment SearchSpreadsheet.

I lot of thought and work went into creating this spreadsheet which is why I decided to charge a small fee of $4.99 to download it (I do through in my ebook for free plus a few other spreadsheets). Embedded below is a video I put together using Microsoft Movie Maker and Snagit to explain how to use the rental apartment comparison spreadsheet.

I also posted an article about how I created this spreadsheet on my Excel help blog. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Heck, if you want let me know and I’ll email you a pdf copy of my apartment search guide absolutely free, no strings attached! It includes numerous tips for your apartment search, such as when it’s ok to break your less, landlord expectations, how to find a roommate, questions to ask your future landlord, and more.


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Sounds like a great way to go apartment hunting. This will definitely help renters compare apartments for rent in terms of amenities and other services easier.

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Finding an apartment can really be a challenge. It is great that there are helpful articles such as this that provide effective ideas to make this task easier. Thanks for sharing.