Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Status Monthly Report: January 2012

My online income blog, My Make Money Mission, is failing horribly so I thought I would post my monthly blog update here for a change, until I figure out what to do with that site (keep it or blow it up). Right now I am currently using five primary methods to monetize my blogs. Here is the list of my five income sources and how much they made for the month of January, 2012:

Adsense: $57.97
Kontera: $44.03
Amazon: $2.72
Inbox Dollars: $1.38
Share Cash: $81.05

Total: $187.15

Not a fortune but it will help pay some bills. Click on the links to start monetizing your blog today.

Share Cash is doing awesome based on all the downloads of my Super Bowl square spreadsheet. In fact, my Excel spreadsheets help blog got almost 27,000 unique visitors last month! (Anyone want to pay for advertising on it?) I've been trying to get better at time management and profit maximization by deleting low traffic / low income blogs and focusing more time and energy on my successful blogs to make them even better.

I'll write a separate post later about my foray into self-publishing. Interesting enough, I think my paperback books sales are surpassing my ebook sales. More on that later.


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