Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Superbowl, Puppy Bowl and Commercial Tweets

It's Super Sunday! Our last best football tweets until September sadly. I'm going to break this up into three sections, the best Super Bowl tweets, the best Super Bowl commercial tweets, and (for you ladies) the bes Puppy Bowl Tweets!

Best Superbowl Tweets

  • Lucas Stadium represents "tails" because the Colts played like ass this year.
  • Eli's doing well, but still hasn't scored as many points for the Giants as Brady. 
  • Sometimes I have to use oxygen after I do something at my job, too. 
  • Tom Brady's hail Mary was intercepted because he's not Tim Tebow. 

Best Superbowl commercial Tweets:

  • This Pepsi commercial is almost as bad as that Tom Brady pass.
  • Hyundai had a ton of extras in that commercial. I wonder if they got them from an unemployment line at a plant closing.
  • 20 mins in and ZERO talking animal commercials?? WTF?? 
  • Hey can you back up the DVR for that commercial? I missed the unnecessary long hashtag I'll never use to say I watched it. 
  • These Superbowl commercials are playing like The Patriots. 
  • Watching these  commercials and realizing, sadly, that this is the closest the Bears are getting to the 
  • These commercials are all lacking some Ryan Gosling.  
  • "Life is packed with things you gotta do. Like sometimes you gotta do  commercials purely for money." - Matthew Broderick

Best Puppy Bowl Tweets:

  • My dog is home by herself, so my wife left the Puppy Bowl on for her. Seriously, that is what's happening in my home right now.
  • I hope the puppies get big fat bonuses too. 
  • Confident it's spelled "ruffing" in the  script.
  • It's too bad that the MVP (Most Valuable Pup) of the puppy bowl can't be in tomorrows parade at Magic Kingdom. 
  • Puppy Bowl is all fun and games until someone gets drafted by Michael Vick. 
  • These are some really talented puppies this year. Not one of them has pooped on the field. 

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