Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best NFL Championship Tweets

Here are the best tweets from today's NFC and AFC championship games, where we saw the Patriots down the Ravens and the Giants took down the 49ers (both by a field goal).
  • FUTURE BREAKING NEWS - Billy Cundiff murdered, Ray Lewis believed to be prime suspect.
  • So.. 3 questions: 1) who do you feel worse for? Kyle Williams, Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, Billy Cundiff, or Lee Evans?
  • If were a game of clue I would win: It will be Billy Cundiff in the Ravens locker room by strangulation at the hands of Ray Lewis.
  • I think it's safe to say that Kyle Williams & Billy Cundiff will be taking their talents to the unemployment line.
  • Billy Cundiff & Kyle Williams: I hear there's an opening for Comcast/Xfinity program manager in the Mid-Atlantic region  
  • Biggest waste of ad spend ever: The paid to sponsor their own hashtag on a day when they're the biggest thing on TV. 
  • My wife said... I feel sorry for Boston.. When she means Baltimore.
  • First manning to play in Indianapolis this year will not be Payton
  • Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff will be under the same witness protection program
  • Lmao RT : Billy Cundiff just sent Kyle Williams a friend request on Facebook
  • Billy Cundiff & Kyle Williams should meet up, have a drink & play a round of golf before going into witness protection.  

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