Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Skycam is falling tweets!

During the Iowa - Oklahoma football game the Skycam overhead camera fell on the field in the middle of the fourth quarter. It nearly crashed onto a few of the Iowa offensive players and the wires did catch a couple of them. Ironically, it was the most exciting part of a very boring Insight Bowl. Here are the best tweets immediately following the incident. We can laugh about it because no one was seriously hurt.

  • SkyCam was clearly faking the injury to slow down the pace of Iowa's offense.
  • ESPN SkyCam plays better defense than anyone in the Alamo Bowl
  • BREAKING: Karl Benson has invited ESPN's SkyCam to join the as its 8th football member.
  • I always thought it would be a West Virginia fan who would shoot the Skycam out of the sky.
  • Matt Millen forced the skycam to commit suicide
  • Ahhh, Bowl Season: Bonus points to or band for playing SportsCenter theme as the faulty skycam is being dragged off field
  • Ironically the skycam on my bedroom ceiling just crashed into my waterbed!
  • Twitter was invented for things like the skycam falling
  • ESPN SkyCam has fallen from the sky before, during an April 2005 MLS match between Chivas USA and the LA Galaxy.
  • The announcer commentary for the Skycam crash at the Insight Bowl was hysterical. "He's at the 42. Not making great speed."
  • The espn skycam has been placed on injured reserve heading into Tuesday's fiesta bowl. Coaches will update status later in the week
  • Buffalo Wild Wings a little late in dropping the SkyCam. This game is already over.
  • Over/under on how long it takes to get its own twitter account?

And here is the video from ESPN of skycam crashing on the field and being dragged off with a very pissed production guy.

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