Saturday, October 1, 2011

More OSU Tweets

The one good thing about OSU being so bad is all the hilarious tweets.
  • At this rate will have it's own self imposed bowl ban for at least 1 yr.
  • Hard to believe - that this team beat Toldeo
  • is going to set offensive football back 50 years. This game is unbearable. Ill just keep watching instead.
  • In the Big East that kick would have been good
  • Fickell is a pickle. Urban is a legend.
  • Dear Luke Fickell, I know you have small children and can utter the words TIME OUT.. so next time, use them.
  • Hey Buckeye fans, remember that time Jim Bollman made some great halftime adjustments w/out Jim Tressel? Yeah, me neither.
  • Thank god somehow has a worse offense than us. Im watching Lingerie Football caliber offense right now.
  • Only took 59 mins & 50 seconds to score...
  • Howard with a career high 2 piggy back rides RT : Travis Howard and Andrew Sweat led the team with a career high 10 tackles each
  • Prediction: Wisconsin 100 OSU 0
  • That cousin who borrows money and doesn't pay it back > Kirk Cousins

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