Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best OSU vs Miami Tweets

Watching the Ohio State and Miami game is so hard because it's being played so horribly. Thus, I am spending a lot of time on Twitter. Here are some of the best Tweets, which I'll be updating throughout the duration of the game. Enjoy, and feel free to comment your own.

  • O...H...N...O I hope that and have enough players to finish the game. Lights out in the cell block is at ten
  • when did hire Mangini and get Jake Delhome for QB?
  • The guy that keeps getting shown on the OSU sideline (who must be their coach) looks like a college fraternity dropout.
  • « The OSU QB missed a read. Not surprising...u learn to read in class.»
  • 14-0 The U. Someone tell OSU you're supposed to take your talents with you to MIA, not sell them.
  • Had enough of Happy Gilmore at the helm. You can't tell me Bauserman is the best option OSU has. I rather wildcat to Hall every play.
  • So this guy they keep showing on the OSU sideline who looks like Adam Sandler is their new Head Tressel, right?
  • has had more beers than OSU has points.
  • Why annunciation is important: OSU Cheerleaders cheering "LET'S GO BUCS!" sounds like "LET'S GO BUTTS!"
  • Signs that is not playing well: hubby is already asleep in his chair!
  • You know it's a bad day for when Jacory Harris is trying to throw Pick-Six balls and he can't complete them.
  • : Be on the lookout for the tattoo artist... "#IneligiBowl Fumble OSU....handing out footballs like autographed footballs."
  • The U versus The OSU. To the victor will go the spoils. And by spoils I of course mean tattoos and boat rides.
  • I'm considering crying with this loss. At least I'm having a really good week of fantasy golf
The Truth
  • Bauserman laughing on the sidelines isnt going to sit well with OSU fans. I know its not with me. Whats funny your completion %?
  • Hey , when you come to next season please play .
  • Playing Miller full time may take OSU from 8 to 7 wins this year, but WGAF? It may also take OSU from 9 to 11 wins next year.
  • Fickell, fair or unfair, there's a zero percent chance you're the head coach of OSU next year. no chance whatsoever.
  • There's no quick fix for OSU offense. Don't think any in-game changes will improve things, but you have to try something different, at least
  • OSU-Miami is the worst kind of game: boring, low-scoring, and the wrong team is winning.
  • This OSU offense makes tressel ball look like the greatest show on turf
  • "OSU has all three timeouts left but not sure why they do." - Brad Nessler.

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