Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cedar Fair's Amazement Park game on Facebook

Anyone start playing Amazement Park on Facebook yet?

Not really sure what I think. The idea is great, especially from a marketing standpoint. Looks like you can purchase tickets to an actual Cedar Fair park, straight through the game.

The game play seems decent... so far. Reminds me of the old Bullfrog game called "Theme Park" from the early 90's. However, I really hate facebook games, simply because of the whole "wait 10 minutes to make 2 coins," deal (yeah, I know, that's how they keep you playing). Oh, and the fact that you have to invite friends to actually get deep into the game. But that kind of makes me wonder if this game will actually become a facebook hit, which I think would really help Cedar Fair stick out from other chain amusement parks (Six Flags).

I messed around with this game for a little bit this weekend. Did it make me want to visit a Cedar Fair park? No. I did however have a strong urge to play RCT 2 again for old time's sake.

People definitely fall into two camps when it comes to Facebook. Some (former Myspace users, I'm guessing) embrace every stupid "app" they can find, others block it all and stick only to social interaction.

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