Monday, September 20, 2010

Playstation Move Review

I picked up a copy of Playstation Move this weekend at Walmart (went to Best Buy first but they said they had already sold the set number they were alotted to sell on Friday, WTF up with that? You don't want my money? OK, now I'm forced to give it to the evil empire. Anyways..) Everything you have read about it is pretty much spot on in my opinion. It's basically the next generation of the Wii. The thing right now is that it's all about potential. The games still need time to develop and truly take 100 percent advantage of this step up in technology.

I bought the starter bundle and an extra controller for $150, which comes with the Sports Champions game. The Gladiator Duel is probably my favorite mini-game so far (if you couldn't guess that after seeing my latest video). I will say though, the controls are much better when you play single player with two controllers. It's much more realistic that way. Archery is another good, although tricky, game. Two handed is a must. The remaining four games are better (more fun) in multiplayer mode.

I also downloaded a bunch of demos for upcoming games which come with the bundle. TV Superstars was hilarious. Here's my avatar:

The one big negative about Playstation Move as opposed it's competitors? You can't make funny jokes with it's name such as "hey dude, wanna come over and play with my Wii?"

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