Monday, July 19, 2010

New Ad Layout, Need Name Ideas

If you haven't noticed I have changed around a few things on this blog. Number one was getting rid of most of the big, gaudy ads for my paying survey taking sites. Instead, I have decided to post links to all of my money making sites in one section over on the right hand side. But I need your help. What should I name that specific links section? I had "Make Money Online" but I think that sounds too much like a scam, which they are NOT! Do you? What would you name it? What would make you want to click one of the links? Anything? Nothing? Suggestions are appreciated!

I was brainstorming names and as a joke I came up with "Not a scam!" and "It's totally safe to click these!!!" (which it is by the way, you can read up on how much money I've made with site on my other blog). Anyways, I decided to go with the second one of those for now because most people, including myself, are more likely to do something if they are told they shouldn't do it. Good idea or not?


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