Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The End of an Era: The Elms 2000-2010

Sad new yesterday as the band the Elms announced they are done making records after ten years. The rock band from Indiana was as about American as they come (and one of the only bands I listen to that is actually from the good ole United States of America. As a way of saying goodbye and fair well, they have released a bittersweet digital album titled "Stoppin' on a Dime" (which is exactly what they did, seeing as how they just released their most successful record a few months ago). The first track on the record of forty songs is longtime favorite "Promises." Though I still prefer the acoustic version, it is nice to finally have this as well as a whole bunch of other unreleased songs and demos.

What I will remember the most about The Elms is the way that the band really embraced social media. Their twitters and blogs were constantly updated with relevant and insightful information. They even streamed their entire stay in the recording studio while working on putting the Great American Midrange on CD. Even better, you could chat with the band members online and give them instant feedback about what you were hearing. How awesome is that? I expect to see more bands follow their lead in the future.

The sudden and abrupt end to the Elms is saddening, but I remain optimistic that we will still hear good music coming from the respective members, if not together then maybe with separate or solo projects. Who knows, maybe they will reunite in the future? Here's hoping...

(This is an experiment: Stoppin' on a Dime.mp3, Stoppin' on a Dime.rar, Stoppin' on a, Promises.mp3)

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