Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why the American Education System has Failed

There is a guy at work who has the same first name as me and a last name that starts with the same letter. I get mistaken for him at least once a week. I got another email today that wasn’t meant for me. The funny thing is that this other person is higher ranking in authority, so some of the emails I see I probably am not supposed to, which is cool and funny. However, the one I read today was upsetting. It’s another case of “I can’t believe this person wrote this bad of an email to the manager of the entire division.” This email is as follows:

“i have a question. My sister wants to move down south, and wants me to move with her. I told her that we have a office in Florida. and she wanted me to find out if I am able to transfers there? If so, see would for a place near the office.”

Holy crap. Could the grammar be any worse? How embarrassing! This is the way you want to correspond with upper management? No Dears, Hellos, or Thank Yous? If I were management I would deny his request for not taking the time or having the pride to write an understandable email. This is the problem with America. Nobody cares about anything anymore. Where’s the attention to detail? One of the jobs of the education system is to instill these values in children in the hope that they keep to it the rest of their lives.

Argh, it’s just frustrating. What is also frustrating are people who can’t adapt to changes. We’re trying to improve our processes and increase our efficiency with a new way of doing things that I believe in 100%. The problem is nobody wants to change. All of the grumpy old men in the business are all “Oh, I’m too old to learn a new program. Why should I?” Because it’s easy and greatly improves our communication. It’s not hard, it just takes a little bit of effort. That is another microcosm of problems with America (and possibly the world): we’re too slow to adapt to changes. We’re too set in our ways and we always we want to revert back to the old times, what we’re used to, what we’re comfortable with. It’s time to learn and to grow. Break out of that shell, out of that comfort zone. Embrace new technologies and ideas. Let’s better ourselves.

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