Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to reduce CATIA part file size - CATDUA

Is running a CATDUA the answer to my CATIA parts being too big? I'm not sure it is the complete solution but it may help a little. For those not familiar CATIA V5 accumulates a lot of junk like code errors etc. in it’s files during modeling, modification etc. Due to this, CATIA files may become corrupt and also during this process, the files become larger in size. To get rid of these problems, CATIA V5 offers CATDUA function. CATDUA is expanded as “Catia Data Upward Assistant”. The CATIA file now becomes cleaner and less prone to corruption. The other main advantage of running CATDUA is decrease in the size of file. Hence your CATIA files when processed with CATDUA, will open much faster. For example see the difference in size of CATPart before and after running CATDUA utility. A CATPart of around 25MB was reduced to 21MB after the CATPart is cleaned with CATDUA V5. For parts with large size, this difference may be higher, at least i hope so! Here goes nothing...

(BTW: two milestones have been past here. This is my 250th post and I have reached over 4,000 unique visitors. Hurray! let's keep it up.

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