Monday, December 7, 2009

Annoying Work Emails

At work I recently received an email from the V.P. of Human Resources, sent to all employees world-wide, about how everyone in the company should be getting new insurance cards in the mail. Well, this morning I find an email in my inbox that just irritates me. First of all, this guy hits ‘reply all’ instead of just 'reply' so everyone can read this message:

Good Morning,
i will be going to the dentist tomorrow, and have not received a new Anthem card yet. if i do not receive it today in the mail, do i give the dentist the number (--------), since i may not have a new card?


Wow. People write emails like that? And to the V.P. of HR? You can’t even take the time to capitalize your freaking I’s? This is just sad and really annoys me. He also included his number for everyone to see which I have blanked out here.Are people really that lazy nowadays? I suppose it’s not that really a big deal but still, little things like that just annoy and irritate the crap out of me. Take some pride man and do the thing right, especially when a big wig, let alone everyone in the company, is going to read it. Geez.

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