Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rockets Own the Big Twelve in the Glass Bowl

Since I began classes at the University of Toledo I have witnessed the Rocket's football team win a big game every year.

2004: MAC Championship over Miami.
2005: GMAC Bowl Champions over UTEP 45-13
2006: Beat Kansas 37-31 in the Glass Bowl
2007: Beat Iowa State 36-35 in the Glass Bowl
2008: Beat Michigan in the Big House 13-10
2009: Beat Colorado 54-38 in the Glass Bowl

The Colorado game was awesome. Did anyone catch me on ESPN Friday night? I was standing to the right of the clowns, behind the painted, shirtless people, and to the left of Jim Tressel and Santa Claus. Sounds more like a Halloween party than a football game, I know, but it sure was good times.

I'm calling it right now: Toledo will upset Ohio State in Cleveland this Saturday. You heard it here first! Aaron Opelt is on fire with NINE total touchdowns in two games. The defense is still suspect but the offense can score points. I've never seen a hurry up offense operate as fast as the Rockets. Coach Beckman has been just what this program needed and I have high expectations for the future.

I decided if OSU beat USC I would root for them against Toledo, but because they disappointed me again I cheer for my alma mater as it would be a huge win for them. My favorite Brent Musburger quote from the OSU-USC games: "Barkley needs a blow."

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