Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Contests Entered this Year Update

If you haven’t been following lately, I have been keeping track of every contest I have entered online this year. Thus far I have entered 92 different contests and have had 297 chances to win (by entering a few contest more than once based on whatever rules apply). I’ve won* four contest which brings my winning percentage per entry to 1.35%. The percentage per each contest entered is slightly better at 4.35%. This shows that entering a contest multiple times does not necessarily increase your chances of winning. However, there are still 49 chances for me to win so those percentages may improve, though it is more than likely they will only get worse as I hopefully continue to add to the list for the remainder of the year. When am I going to win one of those awesome trips or helpful shopping sprees?

Would anyone like to use this data for anything? Write an article about it? Anyone?

*Two of the “contests” I have listed as winning weren’t really contests, and another that I won I suspect they gave out a ton of prizes. I truly have only won one competition.

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