Saturday, August 1, 2009

Holiday World 2010

After I read the latest e-newletter from Holiday World I posted the following on several websites including Coasterbuzz, Thrillnetwork, and Coaster101. The new thread on CB is already about to 4 pages and over 500 views! The park should pay me for the advertising and buzz I am giving them. Then again, it's the least I can do after a nearly free visit back in May. Can't wait to hear what the new ride is!

I was skeptical of large new ride until I saw this in the newsletter emailed today:

"Yes, we will have a new...thing...for next year...
Our big announcement will be Thursday, August 13, at 11 am CDT...
Park president Will Koch will proudly unveil his latest plan formaking everyone smile. He's been working on this for several years and has been talking about it even longer. In's the second largest ride project in the park's history"

Second largest behind the Voyage? Now I'm thinking steel coaster. Thoughts?

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