Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paper Empire Review

I picked up a copy of Better Than Ezra's new album Paper Empire last Tuesday. After a few listens I think some of the songs are finally beginning to grow on me. My opinion from the start was that this album is not as good as their previous work, Before the Robots. The best song is easily the first single and lead off track, Absolutely Still. My second favorite track is Wounded with its Radioheadesque ending (wow that's a cool word). Other highlights include Turn Up the Bright Lights, Just One Day, and Fit. Songs I would skip are Backlight and Hell No! Not a bad record overall but not as good as I was expecting (I was hoping for them to build and improve Before the Robots). I can definetely see a few songs being played on the radio, several TV shows and movie soundtracks.

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