Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Class Act

Holiday World is hosting a huge food drive during the months of May and June. Called "Feeding Families Food Drive," this program will benefit families in four states. Visitors to the park who donate two or more canned food items will be given $5 in "Holibucks" to spend in the park that day. Holibucks may be used to purchase meals, snacks, games and souvenirs at Holiday World theme park and Splashin' Safari water park. The food items collected those months will be donated to food banks in Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville, Tennessee.

"The food banks are asking primarily for shelf-stable meals and high-protein canned goods such as chicken and tuna," says Will Koch, park president. "With strong participation, we think up to 200,000 meals could be provided to families in need."

The folks at Holiday World never cease to amaze me. This is astounding endeavor and great idea. I think it is a wonderful cause during these hard times and will be very helpful to many Americans. What makes it even better is that besides helping people you get rewarded for your contributions.

Every ticket-holder who donates will receive $5 in Holibucks. This means if my girlfriend and I visit the park and donate four cans, we would each get five dollars to spend. At some parks (Cedar Point) that would barely buy you a soda. At Holiday that might buy us all our meals for the day as soft drinks are free and I think the last time we were there we bought one meal and split it.
That is unheard of at any other park. Free drinks, free food for the day, helping other Americans in the process, and The Voyage? Just another reason why Holiday World is one of my favorite vacation destinations: they are truely a class act!

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Thanks so much for your kind words!

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