Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Music Tuesday

Today I've been listening to The Fray's new album, ingeniously titled The Fray. It's been four years since their last record and I've got to ask what the holdup has been? Nothing has changed in terms of the band's sound. They use the exact same instrumentation on every song. Not totally a bad thing, although sometimes it's hard to distinguish one song from the next. It's all too formulaic. I guess they were going by "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mantra. I'm not asking to reinvent the wheel here, just change it up from time to time. I think my favorite track so far is from the bonus disc, called "Uncertainty," as it is different enough from the other songs but still maintains the emotion.

Similar to last week's No Line on the Horizon, just another "ehh" album for me so far, nothing that really excites me and makes me want to get up and dance or create music. The last two songs I can think of to do that were Bloc Party's cover of "Call the Shots" and Radiohead's performance on the Grammys with the USC marching band.

I also downloaded Depeche Mode's new track "Wrong." While this song isn't amazing, it has whetted my appetite and I anxiously wait to hear the rest of the album that comes out in April. It can't be any worse that "Exciter" right?

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