Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 Step

The best quote I've read about Radiohead's performance on the Grammys on Sunday came from here:

"Radiohead did more than steal the show; they made U2 look like out of touch old men and all the "special guest collaborations" look like empty hype magnets by comparison...there was a spastic, majestic energy to Radiohead's 15 Step that eclipsed every other performance last night. Watching Thom Yorke's shaggy, one-eyed electrocution dance as the USC Marching Band backed Johnny Greenwood was more than entertaining- it was inspiring. Theirs was the only performance that made me want to turn off my TV and make music afterward- and that's perhaps the best compliment I can bestow on an artist."

It was an awesome performance and I dug the drumline having such a huge roll in the show. I think it could possibly be the most energetic Radiohead I've ever seen. USC drummers, I am officially jealous.

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