Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EWB-UT Project Help

I am writing to ask for your support for an Engineers Without Borders – University of Toledo (EWB-UT) project in an arid and remote village in the Central American country of Honduras. The clean water needs of this impoverished community were first recognized by Peace Corps volunteer, Jenny Mayo, and brought to the attention of EWB-UT. This is a great opportunity for your family, company, or yourself to establish a relationship with Engineers Without Borders at the University of Toledo and to contribute to alleviating poverty worldwide.

In May 2008, a team of four students and a professional traveled to the village of Los Sanchez to assess the community. Women and their daughters currently have to walk more than a mile to a polluted river for drinking water. The river is also used for bathing and cleaning as well as the source of water for domestic animals. The existing water of Los Sanchez is not acceptable even for Honduran standards. In the following months after our trip, EWB-UT has finalized a design and budget for accessing a clean alternative source from a nearby mountain spring. The future will include potable water that will be used for everything from drinking to irrigating crops thus empowering the whole community of Los Sanchez.

Read more about the Clean Water Project in Los Sanchez. (

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for developing communities worldwide. The mission of EWB is the implementation of sustainable engineering projects while involving and training internationally responsible professional engineers and engineering students. Since the inception of EWB in 2000, it has grown to over 200 chapters in just the United States working on over 170 projects in 41 different countries. The chapter at the University of Toledo is passionately dedicated to the design and construction of a clean water supply system to Los Sanchez, and respectfully requests you and your company to consider a monetary and/or in-kind contribution.

Your donation of $25 or more will help us reach goal!


The National Academy of Engineering identifies the access to clean water as one of the world's Grand Engineering Challenges of the Twenty-First Century. As members of EWB and life-long students of engineering, we have accepted this challenge and consider it our responsibility as future engineers. Most builders spend their time designing for the wealthiest 10 percent of the population consisting of the majority of global consumers while inevitably overlooking some of the most difficult problems afflicting solely the poor. For underdeveloped communities, everything from waste water management to the generation of energy to heat kitchen ovens requires a unique and creative solution rarely used in the developed world.

If you are interested in giving an in-kind donation rather than monetary for this project, please phone (614) 264-6291, or e-mail Mark Skopin at We especially hope to provide the children of Los Sanchez with your donated clothes. Thank you for taking time to read this email, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Thank you very much,

Mark D. Skopin

Treasurer and Fundraising Committee

Engineers Without Borders – University of Toledo

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