Monday, September 15, 2008

A Day of Volunteering

This past Saturday was a long day. I woke up at 6:45 to do Clean Your Streams at 7:30. Clean Your Streams is where a bunch of organizations get together and clean up the Ottawa River that runs through campus. The entire time we were outside it poured down rain and we got soaked. It was for a good cause though plus we got a free lunch, breakfast, and t-shirts and Sarah won a $25 gift card for gas!

Saturday night from midnight to 6am I got to help out with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house! It was a lot of fun. I helped move furniture inside and set things up. It'll be cool when they finally air the show and can say "You see that plant on that end table? Yea, I put that there." And if you don't like the way the great room is set up you can blame it on me as it was my suggestion. We saw all three designers on set the day before (Paul DiMeo, Rib, and Didi), but when I was inside Didi was the only one there and actually doing stuff.

The show on TV is kind of deceiving. They make it look like Ty and the designers are really important, but from what I saw they don't really do anything. Ty was only around for maybe 4 days, basically to get the shots they needed of him at the beginning and end and the rest of the time he was gone. Like I said, Didi was the only designer I saw actually doing something. All the contractors and volunteers do the majority of the work. Amazing accomplishment to get it all together in a few days. I am proud and happy I got to be part of it.

And no I am not going to be on TV, there were no camera crews out when I was working at house, but I'm pretty sure Sarah and I were on the Toledo news.

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