Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Burnt from Zoombezi Bay

I made it out to Zoombezi Bay this weekend. The water park is fun but has some flaws. The thing that water parks suck at is capacity so when building a new park why would they not plan for huge capacity? Example: Dolphin Dash has only six lanes when they could've built eight or ten. They also need more mats. I don't think the wave pool is big enough either. The action river is awesome (although a little shallow). And raft rentals? Come on. The lines for the slides are really screwed up too. There will be one line starting out and then at the very end branches out to a few different slides. You end up having to wait a long time for the slide nobody is going on because everybody is waiting for the same one or two slides.

Overall it was a good time and we had fun. What wasn't fun was after walking around the entire zoo, standing in lines, being sun burnt and wet, trying to drive home to take a shower and having the car not start because of a dead battery. That was not fun, but the water slides were.

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