Monday, May 19, 2008

Ride ON!

The lady and I went to Cedar Point on Saturday, first time I've been there in a bout three years. The weather forecast wasn't promising but it turned out to be a pretty decent day, a little chilly and windy. We rode all the major coasters. The only major rides I had never been on before were Maverick and Skyhawk and we got on both.

Ride ops were really good, the one on Maverick was asking everyone if this was their first time and my girlfriend and I raised our hands. The op responded "the couple in the back, aww!" It was just little things like that which make the day more enjoyable.

Only real complaint was the outrageous food prices and poor quality. $10 for a 22oz soft drink that was all ice and cheese fries that were bad. The counter service was slow. We ordered TWO things and the dude forgot our drink.

Also, has anyone noticed a different in Power Tower launching up side? To me it felt really weak, no where near as intense as say Indiana Beach's shot tower.

Here is a video I made of our day:

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